He is also the chef co-owner of Comedor Jacinta, a Mexican dining room with a casual proposal that is much more informal with dishes from his childhood and his interpretation of how he sees Mexican cuisine today.

Comedor Jacinta is a neighborhood diner where chef Edgar Núñez recreates dishes from from his childhood, that which tastes like a mother's kitchen, grandmothers and aunts. It comes from the memory of the past but also from the present of the chef where the recipes that have been transmitted for generations are taken to good use and recreated with the best local product.

Comedor Jacinta is also an space that invites you to relax after a long day of work, which encourages after-dinner and drinks. Our recipes apply classic techniques to familiar flavors with the goal of creating food that we love to eat on a daily basis. In the words of the chef: It's a cool Mexican place with lots of flavor.